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Welcome to World Archive, the peoples' library. 

Let's start with why we are here and why our service is useful; the corporate term is our 'mission statement':

We are here to enable everybody to record their thoughts, memories and achievements.
We are here so that people can pass on the things they have learned; things that can help their great-great grandchildren live happier lives.
We are here to enable organisations to record their history and achievements.
And- we are here to keep your writings, speech and pictures safe and make them easy for your family to find for 500 years. If your grand-children add your records to theirs and so on, there is no time limit at all!

So many treasures, so many great thoughts have been lost in fires, lost in floods and--just lost. That need not happen any more, We promise to keep copies of each 'book' in three separate places and that they will be re-written whenever needed.

You can put speech, photos and video directly into your 'book' in our library from any computer and now even from a mobile phone. If you have any problems, your grand-children will be delighted to do it for you

There is no magic to what we do, Mona Lisa and many other paintings are over 500 years old, The Book of Kells and many other books are 1000 or more years old. it is genuinely possible and practical to keep your thoughts alive for that long.

To sum up, World Archive does a simple job; we help you to create a record of your life and we make sure that it is safely stored and available to your family in years to come.


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